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Sacred Christmas Extravaganza: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 9 – Lise Beauty Day)

Hey Gods & Goddesses

So it’s eight down and four more to go but dont worry.. there are still lots of goodies up for grabs every day until the 24th December 2013!!

Just a quick reminder, the winners will be chosen daily at random.  We’ll pick a winner every night and Bob’s your uncle, someone has won themselves a luscious goodie courtesy of a variety of very kind friends of ours who have willingly donated products for this very merry occasion.

Soooo…*Drumroll* *Singing*

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…


Lise Beauty Matte Lipsticks


Lise had been a name in the makeup industry for many years as one of the first nigerian owned Makeup Brands.

They recently Launched a range of mouth watering matte lipstick shades.

So to stand a chance of winning these gorgeous goodies

Head on over to either our twitter page:

or our Facebook Group Page:

and answer this simple question:

“Name one other product available from the Lise range”

Please note, only comments on our facebook or twitter page will be eligible for entry.  Any comments on our blog won’t be counted.

For more information on Lise you can visit their facebook page:

Tick tock tick tock good luck!!

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