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Bad Nail Day? : Dealing with Fungal Nail Infections.

Hey Guys,

Today we are going to be discussing a problem many women (and men) shy away from and are ashamed to own up to dealing with at one point or the other. We generally take pride in our appearance, and our nails, which are very important in judging a woman’s level of class, style and also, hygiene. So we tend to avoid admitting infections and try to cover up with nail polish or artificial nails which could contribute to the spread of the infection and pose as a bigger problem in the long run.

A fungal infection is an inflammatory condition and is estimated to occur in about 1 billion people each year. So, a nail fungal infection is an inflammatory condition of the nails caused by a fungus that can manifest in many ways, beginning with  a white or yellow spot under the tip of the fingernail/toenail, and may spread and cause the nail to  discolor, thicken,develop crumbling edges, and in extreme conditions even separate from the nail bed (and fall off!!!  This isn’t an exaggeration, I know people who this has actually happened to).

So this party season we want to make sure rather than just covering up any issues, you treat them and avoid any possible long term damage to your dancing feet and fancy fingers!

Causes and Risk factors.

A fungal infection of the nail can be caused by any number of factors, and some people are more susceptible to being infected than others, and this could be as a result of :

* Aging, diminished blood flow, more years of exposure to fungi and even slow growth and thickening of nails making them more susceptible to infection.

* Perspiring heavily

* Working in a humid or moist environment

* Wearing socks and shoes that hinder ventilation and don’t absorb perspiration.

* Walking barefoot in damp public places (swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms)

* Having diabetes, circulation problems or a weakened immune system.

Fungal Nail Infections can also be as a result of “lifting”. For example when your acrylic nail overlays start to lift from the nail bed water can easily get trapped underneath and the results can be very damaging.

Nail problem - pseudomonas


These infections can be extremely painful and may cause permanent damage to the nails. They can also lead to other serious infections that can spread beyond the feet, especially if the immune system is weakened by medication or disease.


Since fungal infections are hard to cure and usually require a long period of treatment, taking precautionary measures before one hits is the best course of action. So ladies please ;

* Keep your nails dry and clean because fungi thrive in warm and moist environments.

* Don’t trim or pick at the skin around your nails.

* Don’t go barefoot in public places.

* Give up nail polish and artificial nails when an infection is discovered.

And the most important precaution is to choose a reputable and hygienic manicure and pedicure salon with professional staff and sterilized equipment  kept in pristine condition.

Remember ladies, your body is a temple!


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