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Spa Special: Priority One Jets Presents: International Destinations for Rejuvenation

Hey Gods & Goddesses,

We’ve had a guest post by the lovely folks over at Priority One Jets who are a luxury private jet hire company. We love all things Spa and I can’t think of a better way to spend the day relaxing and being pampered.  As a Spa Consultant I’ve worked with the best Spas in Nigeria but for those of you who’d like to go a bit further afield and make a holiday out of it, check out their suggestions below and start planning your next holiday!

International Destinations for Rejuvenation

For some, the pursuit for the elusive fountain of youth doesn’t end with a trip to the local drugstore. Whether it’s a sprinkle of diamond dust or a slather of caviar, there is no limit on the lengths that some are willing to go to maintain that youthful glow. From exclusive treatments to luxurious locations, here are a few places to visit where the spas are as breathtaking as the local scenery.


Japan (Beverage Pools) – Green tea isn’t only a thirst quencher at the Yunessun Spa in Japan. Several separate, large pools at the spa are filled with warm coffee, green tea, and wine. Visitors are encouraged to choose a pool based on their desired treatment, which ranges from enhancing the immune system to the treatment of fatigue.


Iceland (Mineral Massages) – Mud, salts, and minerals take center stage at this picturesque spa. The Blue Lagoon, among other spas in the area, utilizes different elements of nature to provide a calming and relaxing trip. From in-water massages to algae wraps, visitors ages 6 and up can experience the big outdoors in a completely new way!


Miami (Evian Bath) – This is one time you won’t want to “splish splash” while taking a bath! The $5,000 treatment is a favorite of tennis champion Serena Williams and hailed as the most expensive bath in the world. Located exclusively at the Spa V in Hotel Victor in South Beach, 1,000 bottles of Evian water are used in the process of this treatment. It is believed the French mineral water detoxifies and purifies the skin.


Italy (Hay Bath) – This natural treatment has been a fixture at the Hotel Heubad since 1903, drawing tourists from all over looking for relief from mild to severe medical problems. From muscle cramps to stiff joints, both locals and several doctors have hailed the hay bath as a positive but temporary treatment.


Portugal (Chocolate Facial) – While dark chocolate is considered the “healthy” chocolate for the body conscious, visitors at the Aquapura Douro Valley Spa can get their antioxidants another way. The 40- minute treatment consists of oxygen infused, melted Swiss chocolate spread over the face. It is believed this facial fights aging, promotes healing and accelerates cellular rejuvenation.

So what do you think?  Are you tempted to Spa?

For more holiday destination inspirations visit their blog below:



  1. Sweet&Chic says

    Oh wow.. I love this article.. Makes me wish I was on holiday already. I’m going to show my husband now!


  2. Beauty Junkie says

    I’m not sure if i’d enjoy a chocolate facial. I’d probably try to eat myself alive!


  3. Now these are what I call luxury destinations. These look like amazing spa experiences.


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