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Hey everyone,

So obviously, the famous youtube “queen of blending” is the face of this product (chei she have hammer looool (translation.. she’s hit it big time!!) lool) anyway, so she is the the face of the product, and I would later find out about their “lip tars”.


She did a couple of demos on the product and from the video, it does look really good, I’m interested in buying them already lol! See for yourselves….:)

OCC Lip Tar Demos!!!!!!!!!!!

OCC Lip Tar Demos, Round 2!!!!!!!!!!!

She does have about 5 demos on this product, these happen to be my top 3 picks….
And don’t ask me how she works with those nails. I was curious as well, and my curiosity let me to finding out about this video below looooool!!!!
I love lauren (queen of blending) any day tho…..:)

How I do Things With LONG Nails!!!


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