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Hey everyone,

This is a continuation on our skin care series we have been on for the past few weeks, today we’re talking about a common skin type…. the “combination skin”.

How do you identify a combination skin:

.One of the main characteristics of a combination skin is that it is oily on the “T-ZONE” (that is the fore head, nose and chin ).


. Mostly dry around the cheek area.
. As the name implies, it’s a combination of 2 different skin types (oily and dry).
. People with combination skin are prone to breakout and blackheads especially around the cheek

Alot of the time, combination skin can be genetical.


Caring for a combination skin can be quiet challenging as it involves dealing with two different skin types….

Just as I have stressed in the skin care routine for other skin types, it is important to always
drink lots of water and avoid using “BAR SOAPS” and “BODY WASH” on the face.

You’ll need to get a foaming or gel cleanser or a water-soluble cleanser, basically a gentle cleanser. Avoid bar soaps or bar cleansers regardless of what they claim, The ingredients found in some cleansers in their bar form can clog pores and can be too drying and irritating for alot of skin types.

A good cleanser never contains any irritants or fragrance and is the first step towards controlling combination skin.

Get an alcohol free toner, and AVOID any toner that contains witch hazel, menthol & fragrance as these can over stimulate the skin and cause it to produce more sebum!

Exfoliate once a week to get rid of build-up of dead skin cells, and moisturize morning and night with an oil free moisturizer.

Always put on an spf of at least 30 against uva and uvb rays.

And of course never forget to put on a smile, as it not just crowns up your beauty, it also prevents aging (it works…trust me).

Until my next post, stay beautiful… muah

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