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Hey everyone,

I’ve never done a post like this before, I hope it’s useful to you…..:)

So I saw this video by wayne goss sharing his experience about the laser treatment he got, and he titled it: IS THIS THE FACE OF BEAUTY?

After watching the video, I just don’t think or (let me say) i’m not sure if I would want to have one done. I had always said when I’m done with childbirth, I would do some laser treatment on my tummy to get rid of the stretchmarks I got from my the pregnancy with my first child.
With my second I had none at all because I really took care of my skin as I had better knowledge than with my first pregnancy.

These days people tend to jump easily at laser treatments to look more beautiful as it gives a very fast and beautiful result. But the pains of going through the entire process, most times people do not know about it. As with surgery in general it has it’s pros and cons… so I’m just going to give a detailed explanation on “laser surgery”

Please note there are different types of Laser Treatments, some are for beauty treatments while others can be life saving operations. Some can be used for hair removal whilst others can be used to treat scar tissue and a whole host of other skin conditions. There are different types of Laser. Some aren’t recommended for darker skins while new ones have been developed specifically for dark skins. We’ll go into that in another post in detail. However, just as an overview.. here we go!

A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation (culled from wikipedia).


Laser surgery is used to:

. Cut or destroy tissue that is abnormal or diseased without harming healthy, normal tissues.
. Relieve pain
. Shrink or destroy tumours and lesions.
. Seal blood vessels to prevent excessive bleeding.

Laser surgery is often a standard operating procedure for specialists in:

. Oncology (cancer treatment)
. Orthopedics (treatment of disorders of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons)
. Cardiology
. Dermatology
. Gastroenterology (treatment of disorders of the stomach and intestines)
. Gynecology
. Neurosurgery
. Ophthalmology (treatment of disorders of the eye)
. Pulmonary care (treatment of disorders of the respiratory system
Urology (treatment of disorders of the urinary tract and of the male reproductive system)
. Dentistry
. Otolaryngology (treatment of disorders of the ears, nose, and throat)

Uses of lasers include erasing birthmarks, skin discoloration, and skin changes due to aging, removing cancerous tissues or tumors. Lasers are also used to stop snoring, remove or transplant hair, and relieve pain and restore function in patients who are too weak to undergo major surgery.

Lasers are also used to treat gum disease, and tooth sensitivity or decay. Ectopic pregnancies (development of a fertilized egg outside the uterus), fibroid tumors, mild-to-moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism, and other conditions that impair sight, migraine headaches, non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland, nosebleedS, ovarian cysts, ulcers, varicose veins, warts and the list goes on…….

The advantages of laser treatments: It is a bloodless surgery, meaning it involves less bleeding compared to doing a proper surgery. Sometimes it’s cheaper than doing a proper surgery, and it also saves time. You feel better and look younger.

Disadvantages of a laser treatment: Imprecisely aimed lasers can burn or destroy healthy tissue.

Most times the aftermath of is totally unpleasant (redness and swelling around the area).

Laser beams can burn or destroy a healthy tissue. Permanent injuries can occur if something is not done right.

Inaccuracies can cause blindness or worsen the vision of the patient.

Now that we know the pros and cons of getting a laser treatment, would you still do it for beauty?

If you’ve had one done one what was your experience like?

Share your thoughts!

References: wikipedia, free dictionary.


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