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Hey everyone,

First of all, let me wish everyone a happy independence….Nigeria is 53 today, I pray for a better and stronger nation, unity amongst the people, AMEN!!!

So!! How are y’all doing my darlings?…..:) It’s been a quiet week here, a JOYFUL week for me and a busy one as well as I finally welcomed my bundle of Joy on Wednesday the 25th….:) whoop whoop….*dancing smiley*
I missed writing, and everything I do here, I just had to squeeze out time to do a post no matter how short lol.

Now I know and yes I remember that today is not for product reviews *rme* looool, but like I said, I just had to do a post. I mean it’s been like forever now *phew*.
So I came across this review on MAYBELLINE ANTI-SHINE STICK FOUNDATION and I was just eager to share….


Most stick foundations are known to be oily, best for dry skin… if you have an oily skin, you do not want to go near most stick foundations…. it’s heavy on the skin, it makes you shine so much sometimes it’s just frustrating.
Now this new product from maybelline, got a pass mark from most reviews I saw….(good news to those with oily skin…:) )
I chose to post the review by “wayne goss” because as most of you know, his reviews are well analyzed to me, and I just love his videos!

So here it is, let me know what you think…:) Meanwhile I have a strong feeling this guy threads his brows they’re just too perfectly shaped to be natural loool…. Later guys *wink*

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