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It’s Sunday again…… that’s one day I look forward to for so many reasons including posting a makeup tutorial for you our beautiful gods and goddesses……:)
Training as a makeup artist like I said, was a little challenging for me.


Because I had the mind set of a typical Nigerian saying to myself, “oh it’s just the application of foundation and powder and all that needs to be applied and I’m done”. I got more than I bargained for lol.
I think I should do a post on my experience while training to become a makeup artist *thinking*.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand……..:) most of us find using the liquid liner quite difficult especially as a beginner. I had a lot of issues myself as a beginner, My boss would make me clean off her liner and ask me to put it back on and it has to be exactly the way she wears her liner *phew*. And for every time I do it wrongly, she would make me clean it off and do it again lol.

Long and short I got practicing at home with youtube videos of cos lol, until I started to get it right.
So if you are like me having issues with your liquid liner, this video is very useful and helpful trust me. It is a video by MICHELLE PHAN I love her, she’s an inspiration to me….and I watch “a lot” of her videos.

In this video, she shows different types of liquid liners and ways you can apply them….


Here’s the video I hope it is useful and you learn from it like I do….:)

Hugs and kisses…..:)

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