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Hello everyone?

Whoever said you get the best and most beautiful products from “high end brands” huh? Well today I’m here to say to you, that there are lots of drugstore products that is as good and some times even better than the high end products.

I mean no one wants to spend tons of money when there are cheaper options out there. There are so many products, and so many options to choose from its all about knowing to buy.
Now I do realize some people might have some difficulties in watching the video so I got pictures of some if not all of the products talked about in the video.

And what are we here for if not to help? It’s all about “YOU” our beautiful gods and goddesses……:) (I do apologize for the mix up on Friday. This post is actually meant to be posted on Friday, and the Friday post (makeup tutorial) was meant for today.)

So here goes…. best drugstore products of all time by MAKEUPGEEK

For face


For eyes


For lips,


Here’s a video by makeupgeek. Her best drugstore products of all time……

I have used the Rimmel pencil before, and I loved it. It goes on so well.
Revlon I know does lovely beautiful lipsticks and the Revlon color stay foundation is actually one of the best drugstore foundation I know….it’s just beautiful and so far I have not come across any negative comment about it.
L’oreal I really have no complaints about, I use L’oreal foundation to work it gives me a good coverage actually a light to medium coverage. I always recommend it to people who love to have a natural look.

So what do you think guys? has anyone used any of these products? What is your opinion on it?

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