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Featured Makeup Artist – Talking About The “Queen Of Blending”

Hello everyone? How are y’all doing?

I’ve chosen to talk about a really interesting personality today, it’s all about “THE QUEEN OF BLENDING” “GRIN”

Well..She’s very very interesting to me lol……. Some of us might know about her, but for those who don’t know or have never heard of her, she’s a cult classic, who found fame just like the Pixie Woo sisters on you tube and facebook.

She’s most known for her beautiful use of colours, and of course blending technique.

I love the fact that she mixes and plays a lot with colors and blends them into something really beautiful.

She uses a whole lot of shimmers………. studs and of course coluors……*phew* she uses them on:

Her hair

On her face (mostly her eyes)

On her nails

Her work can be seen as really outrageous looool because at first I think she’s doing it just for fun, and at that point I am thinking oh this is perfect for a photo shoot, next thing the crazy girl is saying she wore it OUT *surprised smiley* really?

She actually wears this look out…….

But if she’s comfortable with it, who am I to complain? looool

Now this look I would say is perfect and totally wearable (my opinion oh looool)

I’m a lover of colour actually, But I’m not sure that most of her looks are “wearable” every day type of creations. But then a lot of Goth and Emo followers wear this kind of makeup all the time. But what do y’all think? Would you wear makeup with so many colors?

Either way I still love her, and I love her work. But most of all, I love the fact that she’s crazy, daring and doesn’t care what you think, she’s doing it for herself.

Feel free to share your views and opinions on her style of makeup…..


  1. I’m a big fan of the queenofblending. I discovered her on YouTube a while back, along with Wayne Goss and I’ve learnt loads from both of them.


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