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A Tribute to Talia Castellano – An Inspiration to Makeup Artists of All Ages

Hey Guys!

As most of you know, Talia Castellano popularly known as “Covergirl” finally lost her battle to cancer last week Wednesday *sad face*. To tell the truth I was heart broken. I cried and could barely go to bed that night.

She was such an inspiring young girl even on her hospital bed she was always smiling.

I remember the first time I came across her videos on YouTube I was still training as a makeup artist and I was having trouble meeting up with the standard of my boss looool. It was harder work than I expected, but then again I guess it’s because I started off with the mindset that’s it’s just makeup.. right?

But I sure got more than I bargained for looool. (I love n appreciate you Lola.. thanks for the training.. cough cough).

Anyway watching Talia really inspired me, and I said to myself if such a young girl can do this, I see no reason why I can’t. I had no idea at the time she was battling cancer but I loved her from that very day. It was love at first sight.

Though she lived a short life, she made her mark. She inspired people like me, she made me know no matter the situation, be grateful for what you have now and make the most of it.

She also fulfilled her dreams of becoming a fashion designer just before she died!! Though painful, I’m sure her parents are proud of having a sweet positive minded child like Talia. And I’m glad she had an impact in my life


And then her charming smile, it’s just truly irreplaceable………..

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In remembrance to this charming inspiration, (Talia) let’s say a word of prayer in our hearts for her family………….. may her gentle soul rest in peace..



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