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The Ultimate Question: What do Guys REALLY Prefer- Natural Beauty VS Make-up?

Hello everyone.. today is a big one..  it’s quite a controversial topic, but hopefully we reason with each other in the end *grin*

Basically, I found this youtube video of a guy sharing his opinions on natural beauty vs a made up face. Even though I agreed with some of his opinions, I thought why not hear what our goddesses have to say?


Personally, I don’t wear makeup as a daily routine, for instance I don’t have to wear makeup to go to the gym or to get groceries, when am home or even going over to a friend’s. When I do have to put on my make up, it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get ready for an event. I end up using about 8 to 10 products to get a look that suggests I have nothing on because I love a natural look.



First of all, I have to prime my face, apply my foundation, powder….. ok forget all that let me just cut to the chase… takes more time and products to acheive a "natural look" than it would take doing a heavy makeup.

I'm sure men don't realize this!


Make-up is a woman’s friend, it’s an accessory to “OUR” beauty. The sole aim is to enhance and emphasize our beauty. Yes it’s very important to let the skin breathe, too much of everything is bad after all and that definitely includes make-up. And you definitely don’t want to go to bed with makeup on, that’s just one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

But then think about it, can we completely do without makeup? Brides who have to look their best on their weddings, women with blemished skin, women with uneven skin tone..the list goes on. The secret does lie in beautiful skin. If you had perfect skin would you still wear makeup? Maybe you could go without foundation but what about all the fun of lipsticks and eyeshadows?


Guys in my experience always insist they prefer women who don’t wear makeup, but they expect those same women to still take care of themselves and look groomed. I’m a fan of natural beauty, but my makeup remains my friend looool!

Come to think of it..As far as I’m concerned, even men need makeup (I know I’m going to get killed for this) but think about it.. in the movie industry mean HAVE to wear makeup and some men wear foundation on a day to day basis to even out their skin tone…..ok this is going to be a debate so I leave you all with your opinions……

Meanwhile, I have a makeup tutorial for our guys (if you’re reading this.. if not.. show your husbands/friends this and let me know what they think)! it’s titled “Men’s Grooming” from one of my favorite makeup artists on you tube (gossmakeupartist). I love love love his videos. So check it out and learn how to make your man up you never know it just might come in handy!

Till my next post



  1. afolabi bolanle says

    I guess d problem lies on ladies tryin to overdo their things all in the name of lookn good.guys love makeup no doubt but not to the extent of you looking like a clown.keep the good work up


  2. AM says

    A lot of our thoughts about make-up are cultural. There are days when I wear make-up and days when I don’t. To be honest, because I typically go for a very natural look, my fiancé can’t usually tell if I am wearing make-up or not.

    Like the author, if I want to go out for the evening and have a bit of a different look, I’ll use darker tones and maybe put a little more liner on the eyes for that smoky look. It’s not an everyday thing. I see it as part of dressing up.

    Honestly, it’s all about how it makes you feel. If you are a happy person and are full of confidence, then people will be attracted to you.

    Sure, looks do attract us on first glance, but it’s USUALLY personality that makes a person stay. Plus, everyone likes something different. Not everyone likes the diva, nor does everyone like granola.

    Just do what makes you feel best about yourself.


    • So true! Thanks for your feedback on the article. It’s really interesting to hear our readers point of view. I totally agree it’s a personal choice and it’s all about how it makes you feel about yourself! Thanks!! 🙂


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