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Product Review: New Maybelline “The Falsies – Big Eyes Mascara”!

Hey everyone, it’s me again Kristabel how y’all doing?

I would like to share some reviews on the new maybelline mascara. It’s called “MAYBELLINE FALSIES BIG EYES MASCARA” it comes in black and they have it in waterproof and washable. I’m currently in America and the advert is all over the television.. to say the truth, I’m tempted to buy…..

But then I love to do my research first before I spend my money on any product..just so I don’t go regretting it later and I would advise every one of you to do the same I mean, its just a wise thing to do lol.


Although I haven’t bought mine, I do intend to.. but I’m kind of a little restricted to movement now as i am pregnant *GRIN* but I’ll definitely let you know what I think about it when I do.

However, I’ve used a maybelline mascara before and I LOVED it.  It gave me really good length and volume.  I don’t have naturally long and full lashes but this mascara did a good job for me, I can’t remember the name now arrrrrrrgh I tried searching for it its not even on their page anymore. It was probably discontinued… hmm… I wonder why?
Anyway, it was a 2 in 1 mascara, the top one is for lengthening, the other for volumizing. I loved it, and it worked really well for me (anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?!  lol) .

So seeing this new product, I decided to do some research to know people’s views on the product.

I can’t say maybelline has the best of mascaras but, for an affordable brand worth your penny I would say they try. But then, what works for miss A might not work for miss B. So I got several videos to share with y’all beautiful FACES, and then decide if you would want to try it out or not.

I’d love to know what you think… in the meantime.. stay beautiful muah!

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