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What is beauty…Who is she anyway? – A Modern View on an Age Old Debate

In my own opinion, beauty is a reflection of your inner self.  However, being beautiful on the inside and neglecting your exterior is not a total definition of the word beauty. Just as you groom and value the inside, the exterior needs to be taken care of as well.

According to Nancy Etcoff

“Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.”

It’s a combination of qualities such as shape, colour, form, that pleases the sight. Beauty is attractive, it is appealing.


Do you remember being in high school or university and noticing a group of girls who had their own special group?  They were the “popular” girls. They were also the most pretty and conceited.  These kind of people when depicted in movies often get their egos crushed by plain classmates with better personalities. But, unfortunately, in real life this never happens. Being “beautiful” has its rewards and these usually continue throughout adulthood like it or not, it’s the truth. But the reality is that every human being created by “GOD” is beautiful.


It now boils down to the individual how do you maintain your beauty? It’s not just about having a pretty face. How do you maintain your hair, your skin, your face, how do you accessorize? the kind of makeup you put on plays an important role as well. I’m sure nobody wants to end up looking like a drag queen LOOOOOOOL

Then you next have to ask, what kind of clothes do you put on? Do they flatter your body shape?

George Meredith said:

“A witty woman is treasure;  A witty beauty is power”

Every single person has that special feature that needs to be emphasized.. that feature people will always admire about them. But the most important tool every lady needs.. her crown .. is  “carriage and confidence” .

Have you ever been in a gathering or a party and you notice practically everyone staring at one person? Facially, she may not have it all, but her carriage and confidence oozes sensuality and attraction.
I love this tweet from Wiz Khallifa ;

“#AllGirlsAreBeautiful# for different reasons. There’s no such thing as ugly,just different opinions on what is beautiful”

My name’s Kristabel and i’m new here.. I hope you’ll stay tuned for my regular posts. I’ll be discussing how to maintain your beauty, how to do an everyday, evening or glamorous makeup for an event. And how to get that all important glow that’ll make peoples heads turn and wonder “how does she look so good so effortlessly”



  1. This is the whole truth. Every one is beautiful but we should continually work on it( inner& physically) because the two work together simultaneously.

    Kristabel, Keep it up


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