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Summer 2013 looks for women of color

The designers and their makeup artists have made summer 2013 an artistic, colorful and playful affair featuring vibrant eye shadow colors as well as shimmering washes, bright lip colors, graphic liners, sequins, doll lashes, flawless contoured faces and taken the tweezers off our hands with bold yet groomed brows.

Check out the trends at SoFeminine

But what does the cosmetic industry envision for women of color during the summer season?

They want to see a glowing woman with a perfect balance of warmth and coolness and one who knows how to keep class and drama in perfect balance. Here are campaigns of MAC, Revlon, Bobbi Brown and Iman for 2013.

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Aspiring make-up artist... I love colors and am really into looks that have more colors into them although of course for simplicity (Not that it takes lesser time) then yeah, I dig the natural look. I don't think wearing make-up is a lack of appreciation for ones natural beauty but rather a statement and an expression of personality. You can be all these different people and still be you!


  1. Until now, I’m still not comfortable about calling non-white women as women of color. Try to look at those Caucasian women. They change colors. When they’re shocked. they turn page. When they’re mad, they redden. When they get jaundiced, they become yellowish. Choke them and they’ll get a little purple-y. now who’s more colorful? ☺☺

    kidding kidding

    just dropping by to say hello. nice blog.


    • Lol.. thanks hun.. it’s a rather heated discussion I must admit.. every single person has some kind of colour in their skin.. much less to talk about how many different tones there are.. no wonder MAC has a billion foundation shades.. heheh


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