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It’s Been A Bit Quiet Around Here.. (Well on the website that is.. NOT at my

Hey Guys

First of all.. I’m soo soo sorrrrrrrry!!!  I know we’ve neglected you for ages.. but it’s for a good reason.. i’m sure alot of you know but for those who don’t, where have you been?!  I had a baby.. hehehe.. WE had a baby.. yes all of you had a baby with me.  Our newest Sacred Goddess is lil miss Tallulah.

It’s been crazy. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been mailing me and showing so much love and support on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest accounts.  I mean, seriously, you’ve been so amazing. Really appreciate it.

Time has flown by so quickly. I’ve been in a cocoon wrapped up in dirty nappies, constant feeds and school runs.. no wonder the days just merge into each other. Lol.. haven’t had time to do anything.. well.. except colour my hair! (wait for THAT story).  Hahha

Anyway, just to let you know..we’ll be back soon.. very soon.. infact.. we’re back already!  We’ll be up and running again in no time.  We have new writers on board, keep an eye out for my “adventures of a new mum part 2” series.. lol.. and we’re in the process of some really really fabulous things.. don’t want to spoil the surprise so all I’ll say is..the online version of Sacred TV will be with you soon.. shhhhhsssh..

Our site is going to be alot more interactive so, we’ll be inviting some of our Gorgeous Goddesses to have make overs and to send in their questions. Also, if you have any events you’d like us to feature or products you’d like us to review.. you know what to do!!  (email us on

Our beauty rooms in Lagos (Maryland & VI) are still running as usual. I’m in the UK for the next couple of months, and i’m now able to accept bookings (can’t stay away from work.. sad I know).

So.. sit back, relax.. keep calm and have a cup of tea.. we’ll see you again soon!!

Much love from Me, Tega & Tallulah





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