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Reflection: Why wear makeup?

By Raspberry_Blush

In the last few days I was busy promoting our makeup studio, REN Ladies Center, in an annual event dedicated to everything bridal; Harusi Trade Fair (Tanzania’s First & Premiere Wedding Fair). What struck me during the fair was that most of the women who visited our stall said that they didn’t like wearing makeup- for a makeup artist such a statement was a challenge that needed to be addressed immediately. So for every person who said that they didn’t like makeup, we offered a free demo; then we heard statements like, I didn’t know I could look this pretty with makeup on, I didn’t know I could use eyeliner like this and many more.

One of the ladies who dared to have some color on.

One of the ladies who dared to have some color on.

The general understanding in regards to makeup was: vibrant eyeshadow, dramatic lashes and colored lips; some compared it to looking like a peacock or drag queen :-O

I’m not surprised since poorly applied makeup is all over town, on local television and even in weddings. It is without doubt that we are the epitome of perfection and keeping it natural is commendable however what we eat or drink- our entire life style can change our natural beauty– spots and blemishes, under eye dark circles, dry skin, chapped lips uneven skin tone are some of the changes that result to our skin from the constant stresses in life.

Sadly, when you are in a public life and amidst society, you will be judged by how you look– it’s unfair but true. Some people are more judgmental than others but we all judge. It is not uncommon that opportunities will be denied of you just because you ‘don’t look right’. Makeup isn’t just about wearing colors and looking like a doll or in extreme association -a clown. It can make temporary corrections so that you may look flawless for the occasion be it work, a party, TV appearance, or a photograph . It can even change you into a different person such as an elderly, a witch, a victim of a burn, an alien… It is for this reason that cosmetics are finding an almost permanent place in personal style, runways, magazines, advertising and television among others.

Jackie Appiah 2 zombie Lola Maja Halloween Witch Makeup Competition

Maybelline, one of leading cosmetic brands aims to empower women to make a statement, explore new looks, and flaunt their own creativity. If you don’t believe that makeup can help you do so then at least wear makeup only to make the necessary corrections so that you may let your natural beauty shine through.

For more information about REN Ladies Centre you can contact us on FB

And to find out about the Harusi Trade Fair check out their website here:

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Aspiring make-up artist... I love colors and am really into looks that have more colors into them although of course for simplicity (Not that it takes lesser time) then yeah, I dig the natural look. I don't think wearing make-up is a lack of appreciation for ones natural beauty but rather a statement and an expression of personality. You can be all these different people and still be you!

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