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Getting Fit the Fun way in Nigeria – Fuzion Fitness where Zumba meets Booiaka & Afro Dance

I’m sure there’s alot of people out there who like me have dreams of becoming super fit. Sexy toned arms and legs to die for.. but well.. it’s still kind of in the dream stage.

The reality of actually going out to the gym seems to always some how not quite fit into my daily life. Something always comes up which means I can’t go.. or don’t want to go.  I then decided to build a gym at home.. which was a fantastic idea.  I now have machines to hang my clothes on while waiting to be ironed.  And don’t let me start on all those dvds I bought.. waiting for those moments when the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, CSI, Law & Order or even the 10pm news aren’t on.   I mean.. with all my best intentions. It just never happens!

So thank God my sister and her husband (or should I say my brother and his wife .. sorry bro.. you know I love you but she’s my gurl!).. where was I.. ok yeah.. Thank Godness Akin & Trish with their powers combined come together like Volton to create Fuzion Fitness!

The unique blend of Zumba, Bookiaka, Afro Beats, Bollywood, Latin and a lil bit of Old Skool R&B thrown in there just for good measure means that every class is super fun and dosen’t feel like you’re actually going to to the gym. More like you’re at a night club.. with the lights on without hassel of a tight dress and heels.  What more could be perfect!!

The only problem is.. people know she’s my older sister.. and if she looks that amazing after 4 kids (the eldest being just 10 years younger than me at 25).. What excuse do I have for my cellulite ridden thighs and bingo wings?!

Classes are available on both the mainland and the island throughout the whole week so i’m sure you can find a suitable venue and time that won’t take you out of your bustling life.. so like me, there really is no excuse anymore!!

For more info about the classes you can join their FB Groups or call 0815 262 7625

FB:  or

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