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Beauty Haul – Valentines/Birthday Grand Moodlift Giveaway!!

Hellooo my lovlies!!

It’s been forever, yes I know.. so sorry to have kept you waiting. We just wanted our first 2013 Moodlift Giveaway to be the most spectacular one ever.  Once you see what we have in store for you, you’ll forgive us.. 😀

Right. So. Let’s see. Where do I start?

It was my birthday not too long ago!! Woo Hooo.. yippee for me.  I turned a grand old ripe age of *cough* 35 *cough* and Sacred Lashes turned 3.. (we share the same birthday)..  It was great.. I did absolutely nothing at all.  Just spent time with the family and opened up our new treatment room at Blush Beauty.


Oops.. did I say nothing?  I meant to say.. Guess what!!  Sacred Beauty now has two fabulous locations for you to drop into for all your primping and preening needs. Our Head Office in Maryland and also as we mentioned, at Blush Beauty in VI.   Our specialist Lash it, Wax it, Steam it, Treat it.. that’s our motto and we aim to please it.  Your Skin that is.    We’ll follow up on this post with another one going more into detail about what we do *advert plug plug* but just so you know, this is one of the many reasons why we’re feeling sooo overly generous.  We have arrived and we’re going to take over the world.  Sacred Goddesses everywhere!!

Now.. what’s the other reason.. oh yes.. it’s the season of Lurrrrve.. (ooh helloo sexy).. Calm down calm down.. Now no need to get all mushy, but what better way to show you guys how much WE – LOVE – YOU, than to say a great big thank you to one very very lucky winner.  Someone is going to get the mega haul of a lifetime. But not to worry, we’re also going to treat 10 of you wonderful beauty junkies to pampering sessions at our treatment rooms. Free.. yes.. for freeeeeeeee.  I don’t know what is is about that word. It’s the second most beautiful four letter word after Love.. Free.. don’t they just have such an amazing sound to them. For those of you who miss out on any prizes, never fear.. we’re also offering a crazy in love 35% off all services and Sacred Products available online or in store so don’t worry, you can treat yourself for a fraction of the price.  (Just mention our website to get the promo offer).

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the companies that have supported us over the last 2 years with our Creative Makeup Competitions and our Mood Lift Giveaways.  We truly appreciate everything they’ve provided in order for us to bring such happiness to you our wonderful readers. And we’d like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the companies that have made this month’s Grand Giveaway so fantastical:

Angel Minaro


Gifty’s Daughter (on behalf of Fashion Fair)

BlackUp Paris

Make Me Beauty Place

R&R Luxury

FAB Magazine

BOM Magazine

Sacred Lashes & Sacred Beauty

Beauty Haul - Valentines Giveaway

Now the rules are simple.  In order to stand a chance of winning our super duper bumper packed giveaway, all you have to do is answer these really easy questions:

1. Name 2 Products available from Sacred (you can check out our online store/facebook store or pop into our Maryland store to check).

2. Name 1 product available from Angel Minaro

3. Name 1 product available from Zaron

4. Name 1 product available from R&R Luxury

5. Name 1 product available from Gifty’s Daughter

6. Name 1 product available from BlackUp Paris

If you’d like to be entered into our prize draw to win a special pampering treatment at our newly launched Beauty Rooms, answer the following easy peasy question:

1. When was Sacred Lashes launched?

Please note, all prizes will need to be collected from our Maryland office.  All answers must be submitted before 14th February 2013. The winners will be chosen at random.

For more information, you can contact us at:

Main Office: 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland, Ikeja

Tel: 080 76 76 76 76


For Salon Bookings

VI Studio:  @Blush  Beauty, Timayu Savage, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: 080 75 76 76 76




  1. 1. Meggie Sacred Lashes, Eyeshadow/Blush palette by Sacred.

    2. Papaya & Mango Honey Skin Conditioner by Angel Minaro.

    3. Zaron Luxurious Lipgloss (Fairytales QZ08).

    4. R &R Shea Luxury Madagascan Vanilla Body Oil.

    5. Gifty Daughter’s Travel Brush Set.

    6. BlackUp’s Ultra mattifying rebalancing fluid.


  2. 1) Sacred Essentials Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette AND Sacred Pro-HD Translucent Powder
    2) Purifying Dead Sea Facial and Body Mud by Angel Minaro
    3) Zaron Concealer+Foundation in one
    4)R&R Shea Luxury Madagascan Vanilla Body Oil
    5)Gifty’s Daughter Pro Makeup Brush Set
    6)Black Up Perfect Mattifying Primer

    1) Sacred Lashes was launched in February 2010


  3. Amu Ayodeji says

    1) Sacred Essentials – Depotting & Storage Palettes and   Sacred Essentials – Complexion Primer/mattifyer

    2). African kiss body oil by Angel Minaro

    3). Zaron duo blush(pink poodle)

    4)R&R Shea luxury serenity body oil

    5) Gifty’s Daughter Pro makeup brush set

    6) Black up cream to powder foundation


  4. Omolara says

    1. (a) Sacred Sassy Lady Tweezers (b) Sacred Essential – Beauty Blending Sponge

    2. Angel Minaro Acai and Honey tropical blend smoother

    3. Zaron Lip Liner Pencil in Prune Juice

    4. R&R Luxury Shea Butter Oil

    5. Gifty’s Daughter Pro Makeup Brush Set

    6. BlackUp Perfect Matifying Primer


  5. Omolara says

    Happy Birthday in arrears 🙂 invite me to you 85th birthday bash 😉


    • Haha thank so much hun. I’ll make sure you send the invite.. you’d better be ready to party though. By that age i’ll be looking to put my hip out dancing. Heheh


  6. Simi says

    1. Sacred Essentials Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette and Sacred Pro-HD Translucent Powder
    2. Purifying Dead Sea Facial and Body Mud by Angel Minaro
    3. Zaron Concealer+Foundation in one
    4. R&R Shea Luxury Madagascan Vanilla Body Oil
    5. Gifty’s Daughter Pro Makeup Brush Set
    6. Black Up Perfect Mattifying Primer
    7. Sacred Lashes was launched in February 2010


  7. Dolapo Lucas says

    1. Sacred Essentials – Blush & Shadow Palette and Sacred Pro – Mineralised Pressed Powder

    2. Angel Minaro Argan and Camellia Restorative Eye Serum

    3. Zaron Eyeshdaow and Blush Duo in Autumn Splendour

    4. R&R Luxury Serenity Body Oil

    5. Gifty’s Daughter Pro Makeup Brush Set

    6. BlackUp Paris Lipstick in RGE20 MATTE (matte pink)


  8. 1. Sacred Lashes – Tiffany; Sacred Essentials – Brush Holder Belt

    2. Angel Minaro Exquisite Beauty Papaya and Mango Honey Skin Conditioner

    3. Zaron Luxurious Lip Gloss in Sugar Plum

    4. R&R Shea Luxury Serenity Body Oil

    5. Gifty’s Daughter Essential Eye & Lip Brush Set

    6. BlackUp Paris Perfect Matifying Primer


  9. nkechi says

    1)iSacred Essentials – Depotting & Storage Palettes
    iiBen Nye Blood
    2)Angel Minaro Deluxe double chocolate body scrub
    3)Zaron XXL Lengthening Mascara
    4) R&R Luxury Shea Butter Oil
    5) Gifty’s Daughter Travel brush set
    6)Blackup Perfect Matifying Primer


  10. 1. (a) Sacred Essentials – Complexion Primer/Mattifyer
    (b) sacred beauty blender
    2. Angel Minaro Agrumes ultra nourishing and firming body lotion
    3. Zaron brow definer
    4. R&R Shear luxury serenity body oil
    5. Gifty’s daughter travel brush set
    6. Black up two-way cake powder


  11. Ade says

    1.two products:
    a. Empty powder palettes for professionals by Sacred
    b. Eyeshadow Palettes for professionals by Sacred
    a. Body Mud by Angel Minaro
    b. Putrifying Dead Sea Facialby Angel Minaro
    3. Zaron Luxurious Lip Glosses
    4. R&R shear Luxury Madagascan vanilla Body Oil
    5. Gifty’s Daughter Professional Brush Set
    6. BlackUp Perfect Matifying Primer

    sacred was launched: February 2010


  12. And the winner is…. *Drumroll*….. Nkechi!!!

    Congratulations dear, please contact Maria on 080 76 76 76 76 from Monday to arrange collection of your Grand Prize.

    Everyone else in this thread along with some other ladies who entered via facebook and email have all won a FREE treatment at our Beauty Rooms either at Maryland or in VI. Please contact Maria to arrange a date to book in for either a complete 3D Brow makeover (waxing/threading and tinting) or a relaxing head & shoulder massage.

    Thanks for your support everyone!!



  13. Omolara says

    Congrats Nkechi 😀 Thanks a lot Lola, God bless you. Looking forward to the massage, I’ve always daydreamed of having one 😀


  14. Many thanks Sacred Artistry for the huge goodie bag. 😀 From makeup courtesy Zaron, Gifty’s Daughter, BlackUp, to FAB & BOM magazines, Make me Beauty, R&R shea luxury and of course Sacred lashes & Sacred beauty. Love! Love the 100% human hair lashes and can’t wait to indulge in the Angel Minaro products. *Bliss* Many thanks again. You rock!!


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