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Turning Point – New Movie Release 12.12.12

Ok so I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this movie to be released.  I’m really proud to have been the Head of Hair & Makeup on set for this Hollywood meets Nollywood extravaganza! 😀

It was alot of hard work shooting between the US and Nigeria, but we had so much fun! It was amazing working with veteran actors such as Ernie Hudson, Joe Estevez, Todd Bridges, Cynda Williams and new talents like KD Aubert and Juan Carlos, combined with our very own Jackie Appiah, Oge Okoye, Igoni Archibong & Patience Ozokwor.  The official launch is today at the Indigo O2 and the film will be on general nationwide release as of the 20th December.


I haven’t seen it yet,  i’m so excited but i’m also totally gutted that I won’t be at the star studded premier!

If you’re there tonight or go to see the film when it’s released, please send in your pics either by email or tweet @lolamaja – i’ll have a special gift for one lucky winner.  I’ll be in the UK this December so i’ll make sure it’s delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

Cynda Williams & Earnie Hudson Family Group Pic Igoni Restaurant Jackie Appiah 2 Behind the scenes Joe Estevas 2
(oh and did I mention I flew to the US to shoot the film with Tega. He was 2 month’s old at the time.. heheh

Tega off the the USA (2 months old)


  1. I have been off the blogging scene for a while. Many congrats n this project and this is one of the many reason’s why I look up to you as a makeup artist. A total inspiration!


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