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Love it or Loath it: Product Review – Gillette Venus vs Venus Breeze

By Odun Ogunbiyi

Hellooooooo my lovelies. It’s me again.. and yes.. I’m still off on sunny shores enjoying my extended break (I prefer to call it a beauty fact finding mission although it could technically be classed as a Holiday). I’ve diligently been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and yet again, I’m taking one for the team and reporting on some new products on the market.


If, like me, one does not have much in the unruly hair department, you may be a fan of your trusty razor to take care of any strays (although Lola would prefer me to wax my feminine bits, sometimes a girl’s just got to do what a girl’s just got to do..)

My mother blessed me with hardly any body hair (unfortunately this also includes my head but that’s another story) so I have never been one for the longer and more painful other forms of hair removal.  It has been me and my Gillette razor for about seven years now…

I love the close shave, the disposable heads and the hanging it up on my bathroom wall so it stays nice and dry (a huge consideration in our humid environment where mould and germs breed like mad!! *yuck*).

So as usual at the beginning of the holiday I trying to replenish my toiletries supply and I found out that while my back was turned Gillette has been busy being all innovative and trying to make my shaving experience even better.

I came across the Gillette Breeze which cunningly has built in shaving gel bars, which in conclusion means you no longer need to lather up with shaving foam before attacking your bits with the razor.

I am thinking this is a great idea seeing as I am always running out of shaving foam (turns out I was unknowingly sharing with the boy!!!) and my favorite brand is not kept in the lasgiddy tri state areas.

Verdict – 


Nice smooth shave, the shaving gel is activated by a little bit of water BUT it only works well on legs and thighs and straight areas like that.


The shaving gel actually reduces the manoeuvrability of the razor which means that getting an even shave in the underarm area becomes a bit of a mission.


I do like the new Venus Breeze, the idea of not having to buy a seperate shaving cream is very appealing but when it comes time to replacing the blades, i’m not totally sure if i’ll be going back to my trusty original Venus of sticking to this new super fangled version.  To be honest, I’m not fussed either way.

Total Score –  4 out of 5 sacred eyes

What do you think folks?  Has anyone else tried the Breeze before?  I’d love to hear your opinion.

Love it or Loathe it .. You decide?

I’m now on a hunt for one of these little beauties.. Let’s just hope when I get back to Las Gidi I’ll still be able to find it!

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  1. I’ve diligently been keeping my eyes peeled on behalf of our Sacred Angels and yet again, I’m taking one for the team and reporting on some new products on the market.


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