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Sacred Beauty Police: 5 Hair Trends We Loved In Olympics 2012

The 2012 Olympic athletes inspired us through their  physical fitness and glamour, we had a visual feast, our fellow women looking spot on gorgeous both on the field and in the pool. As we wrap up the Olympic trends that inspired us we take a short-breather from the makeup into the hair trends that you can adapt into easy, wearable and very feminine styles. Who says athletes can’t be ladies!

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1. Pony tails: Lots of pony tails in the Olympics fields, we saw sleek high pony tails, braided pony tails, low pony tails, long and short pony tails. The Pony tails of Solo (USA goal keeper) and Aliya (Russian Gymnast) stood out the most to me because they looked well polished and the hair looked healthy and shiny.

2. Easy maintenance buns: Almost all artistic performers, gymnasts and synchronized swimmers preferred the bun to keep the hair off the face. When in water we saw a lot of gel being worn to keep the hair in place and lots of barrets were used by the gymnasts to keep off the strays. The bun that stood out the most for me was that worn by the Greek synchronized swimming duo who added patterned accessories to the common bun transforming it into a glamorous up do.

3. Chic crops: Quite a number of women had cropped hair but the Chinnese team seemed to be the majority. Chen had a very nice razor crop which was versatile and full of movement but still looked easy to maintain.

4. High-lights: We had classic highlights in blondes and coppers. The highlights that caught my eyes was worn by Jennifer Screen, she had 3/4 highlights with the roots in her natural color.

5. Plaits and braids: The plaits and braids were as diverse as the athletes who wore them on the fields and courts. We saw classic braids with a touch of color, fish tail braids, twists, side plaits and loose messy double braids. Some of the styles were fit for a red carpet moment, I was especially impressed by Richard Ross’s hair do. All she had to do was put on a dinner dress and the track field would seem like a red carper event. The work they put into looking good made me admire the Olympians more- where did they get the time to master their sport and stay up the style ladder?

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for another 4 years to roll by.. London you did us proud!!

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Aspiring make-up artist... I love colors and am really into looks that have more colors into them although of course for simplicity (Not that it takes lesser time) then yeah, I dig the natural look. I don't think wearing make-up is a lack of appreciation for ones natural beauty but rather a statement and an expression of personality. You can be all these different people and still be you!


    • I sent a reply by mail but seems that it didn’t come through, sorry. I saw some styles on the TV but didn’t get the pictures online so that is why some of the amazing hairstyles are not featured in this post.


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