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The Perfect Pout – A Guide to Applying Red Lipstick

By Odun Ogunbiyi

When it comes to make-up I can’t think of anything more glamorous, sophisticated and timeless than luscious sexy red lips.

There really is a shade out there for everyone and the real way to find it is by trial and error.  You can either buy 100 lipsticks and glosses or get yourself to a makeup store and try them out until you find the shade that works for you and ask a professional to help.

Red lipstick works equally well from day to night.  At the moment I’m really loving my Mac Ruby Woo (yes it’s Nigeria’s favourite Lipshade and I think it actually suits EVERY skin tone on the planet, even though Lola has tried to explain to me that it dosen’t! What does she know anyway..) and also my Mary Kay Red.


As with other bright and vibrant hues one has to be a lot more particular with the application.  I also have to take into account my rather delicious “ample” lip.  This just means I have to define my lip and give it a precise shape.

Rightct  so are you ready? First you’ll need a few bits and bobs to ensure the perfect Lip:


  • Foundation or concealer
  • Red lipstick
  • Red lip liner
  • Lip brush

Step 1

Apply a base to bare lips and around the lip area using foundation (or concealer).  This does the dual job of blocking your natural lip colour and acting like a stable base to put your lipstick on which stops the colour from bleeding.

Step 2

Use your liner to draw in your cupids bow and the rest of your lip.  Ensure its symmetrical.  I draw just inside of my natural lip line to give the illusion of a smaller poutier lip shape. This pencil line also acts as your second defense against the colour bleeding.



Step 3

Apply your lipstick within the line either directly from the case or by using a lip brush for a more precise finish.  Start from the center of the lip and work out towards your lip line. Gently press your lips together and rub together to blend in the lines.



Step 4

Blot with folded tissue and repeat to get good pigmentation and to matte down the colour (if that’s your final aim).

Step 5

You can top it off by adding gloss if you are going for a full out night time glamour look.

Step 6

Sucking on your index finger and drawing it out swiftly between closed lips will help to remove excess lipstick from the inside area of your lips and avoid transfere.  Red looks great on your lips.. not on your teeth!

Photographer: Emma Nwawudu
Makeup: Anita @ Zaron
Mary Kay Foundation Primer
Mary Kay Time-wear Liquid Foundation – Bronze 3
Blush Dual Powder – C9
Mary Kay Lipstick – Red Salsa
Zaron Professional Palette Eye Make-Up
Zaron Professional Palette Blusher




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