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Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – June 2012 – Rainbows after the Storm

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there

It’s that time of the month again!  It’s the 2nd instalment of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition for 2012!!!

The last few days.. or weeks.. have been filled with rain rain and more rain. But here in the wonderful world of Sacred we like to make the most beautiful things out of all that is around us.  Just like nature, who give us a Rainbow after a Storm.


So your job is to interpret this in the most artistic way possible. What ever you do, whether it’s bright, whether it’s dark.. it should always be creative!

All photos must be raw unedited images and as always you can perform the makeup either on yourself or on a model.

Submissions should be in before midnight on Friday 7th July with the winner being announced on the 10th July 2012. You can send your images to


New Rules

This year we’re doing things a little different.  While we had alot of fun with the online voting from now on, the decision will be made by our panel of experts.  We will give critique on each submission and announce our chosen winner based upon the criteria following:

1. Creative Concept


2. Quality of Makeup Technique

Our panel of experts will grade each of the entries from 1st down to 5th place. Who ever scores the highest number of Judges votes will win!

We are immensley honoured to have a fantastic panel of independant Judges who are all highly respected in the beauty industry and who have supported our competition throughout. We’re pleased to be able to offer our entrants the chance to be critiqued by the very best of hands and minds, this month we’re joined by our Guest Judge Joy Adenuga.  If you don’t know who she is she’s one of our most favourite MUAs on the planet. She’s the head honco for makeup at OK Magazine Nigeria as well as working with Black Hair Magazine. We love love love her. And you can view some of her work at

In the event of a tie breaker then our Creative Director Lola Maja-Okojevoh will make the final decision.



This month’s we have an amazing selection of goodies rainbow goodies including Crystal Sacred Lashes, Rainbow Glitter Red Cherry Lashes and a Vibrant Gel Liner from our Pro Artistry Range. Perfect for brightening up those eyes on a dark and gloomy rainy day. 🙂

Good Luck to all our Goddesses!!


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