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Beauty Buyers Guide – Love it or Loath it: Bomb Cosmetics Review

Every day around the world.. millions of women are buying products and either squealing in delight or screaming in frustration at yet another item condemned to the back of the draw or better yet.. the bottom of the bin!

We at Sacred would love to help you out where we can with those niggling questions.. such as “Should I spend my money on this” ??

We’d love your own personal reviews on products you either Love or Loathe!  Video reviews or written form, send them in and we’ll load them up. It’s all about real people giving us their own real opinions.

So without further ado.. let’s start the reviews!

We were recently given a few products from the lovely people at Bomb Cosmetics to review. We promised as hard as it would be, we’d sacrifice our own bodies to let YOU know what we thought about them *it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it*

Coco Beach

Product Type: Body Butter 

Reviewer:  Oddbods

Price: 2,600NGN (200ml)

Overall Sacred Eyes Rating: 4.5     


Official Description:  30% pure shea butter and moisturising sunflower oil.  Including pure chamomile and clary sage essential oils.  This body butter will naturally and deeply moisturise, nourish and condition your body.  A green take on the more traditional coconut, with Citrus and Elemi top notes, a Neroli, Jasmine and Coconut heart and Coumarin base.

Pros: Delicious smell, No residual oilyness once applied

Cons: Thick mousse consistency means you really have to work it into the skin.

Our Reviewers Opinion:

I’ve always been a fan of at home pampering so the Coco Beach body butter was right up my alley.  Fun, bright and quirky packaging means that this brand makes for good presents for those in your life who like to pamper themselves.

Price wise it is on par with other luxury body butters one may find on the market.

The body butter itself has a delightful herbs and spices smell due the essence of sage.  In this heat I am a fan of anything that evokes a cool and fresh feeling without being overpowering so brownie points.

My other experience with body butters led me to expect a sort of body shop or palmers cocoa butter consistency.  As before mentioned it is a sort of solid mousse which keeps it’s consistency in the hot room which is good, so no mess.  This does mean however that you have to sort of warm and break it down in your hand and rub it in to your skin well, the boy had to help me out with my back.

The final result though is that my skin was well moisturised (I kept doing a scratch test on my knee area at all points of the day and no ashy skin thank you very much) with a good glow with no oily residue.

I would absolutely use this again and definitely be buying the range as a good birthday present option!



Product: Oil Based Body Scrub 

Reviewer: Ms Megha

Price: N2,600 (400g)

Overall Sacred Eyes Rating: 4  


Official Description: A lightly grained oil based body scrub to use in the shower. Made with Sweet Almond oil and pure Lemongrass & Clary Sage essential oils to help your skin shine. A blend of green Lemongrass notes fused with spicy Black Pepper forming an oriental heart.

Pros: Great scent

Cons: Texture is a little bit too rough for all over body use

Our Reviewer’s Opinion:

This scrub smells delicious; the lemongrass is strong and does wonders for the skin leaving it shiny and exfoliated.  The peppercorns would have been just as effective crushed into the mixture as whole they are harsh on sensitive areas.

You have to stir the product really well to get a good consistency before using.  You would only need to use it once a week or before a wax treatment or oil massage so it will last for a while.

The packaging is cute and colorful, though I wouldn’t advise to travel with it.

This product is ideal for dry, problem prone skin.


Have you used these products before?  Would you like to add your own opinion?  If so send us your reviews below and we’ll add them to the site!

You can pick up Bomb Cosmetics from several retailers around Lagos including:

Blush Beauty & Salon

Address: 1388 Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island Lagos.


Telephone: +234 (0) 1 820 1407



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