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Red Carpet Beauty Police – 65th Cannes Film Festival

By Tolu Orekoya

With the trend towards colour when it came to dresses on the 65th Cannes Film festival, the make up swung towards a much softer look. Neutral lips and softly smudged eyes, which supermodel extraordinaire Naomi Campbell pulled off with grace. Naomi also went with the current trend for eyebrows, which was definitely fuller and while neat are not necessarily sharply defined.

For me, Jada Pinkett-Smith knocked it out of the park with her total hair and makeup look. The dress was a gorgeous gold, orange and red combination that could have been disastrous if it wasn’t such an amazing design and which showcased her AMAZING toned body.

Instead she took a little of the gold, softened it and brought it on to her eyelids, brightening her face and highlighting her hazel eyes. She played down the rest of the makeup, opting for barely-there blush and nude lips. She kept her hair off her face and it looked fantastic. The glossy and healthy but ‘simply’ brushed back look is harder to achieve than you think.  As you know in the world of red carpet, nothing is ever simple. (beauty closeup)

You may not know French actress Aissa Maiga, and frankly, neither do I, but I have to commend her on her look. Her make-up is perfectly understated (just a hair’s breadth away from too understated).

It can be difficult pulling off that ‘fresh and natural’ look unless you have flawless skin,  but she managed to hit the right groove.  I can’t help but love her up swept braids that is a cross between a chic chignon and a tough mowhawk.

Her choice of a floaty, claret dress sets off her skin tone beautifully and she looks nothing short of gorgeous.

Hair trends tended towards loose and and swept to one side, over the shoulder—it seems the red carpet was all about the softer side of retro glam. Nothing too rigid or heavily styled but still glamourous and fifties retro in its inspiration. Kylie Minogue captures the look spot on.

Singer Cassie went with slightly defined eyes very soft glossy lips.  The cascade over the shoulder look for her hair  was a little less fluid than most, but helped to balance out by her edgy shaved hair.

A few stars such as Cheryl Cole and Frida Pinto both opted for soft smokey eyes with netural lips, a look which will never die out and is always a red carpet favourite.  However, they almost look a bit out of place amongst so many other stars veering towards the more natural effect. But hey, you can’t knock a lady for making the effort to look glam!

And I wish we we were able to find more photos of one of our favourite models Ojy Okpe who looked simply stunning in an elegant yet effortless way. Her choice of lipstick perfectly complimented her gown which was a beautiful brownish red tone.  The colours weren’t too strong and as we always say, there’s a perfect shade of red for everyone,  it’s just a matter of finding which shade suits your colouring best.

So until next time.. Stay fabulous and keep an eye out for the Beauty Police!

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