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While we’ve been away.. Africa Magic Ad Campaign

Gosh so many things to update you all on.

So, have you seen the new Africa Magic Campaign to celebrate the launch of their new channels?

We’ll in case you’ve missed the television commericals and huge posters around Nigeria (or any where else you may be located).. we’ve added a few images from the amazing shoot we worked on with an immensely talented crew of actors/actresses/singers and personalities.

Hair was provided by the amazing Ola for all artists except for Tiwa & Eku who were looked after by the fantastic Deborah Falana

Styling can only have been Bolaji Animashaun

Photography .. well.. who else by Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Make-up.. yeah.. you know this part.. The Sacred Team! (except for Tiwa)

Thank you to Monisola & Phunke for assisting on this huge project. You girls were amazing as always.

Matilda (Actress)

Jumai Shaba (Presenter)

Eku (Presenter)

Dolapo (Presenter)

Helen Paul (Presenter)

Onyenka (Singing Legend)

Nike O.S (Personality)

Tiwa Savage (Singer)

Toolz (Personality)

We had such an amazing time on this shoot, thanks to MNET and to everyone who took part, hope you like the final results!

For more info on all the new stations available on Africa Magic visit:

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  1. Oluwatoyin Adesanya-Badejo says

    Its really an amazing job, they all look very beautiful, Nice do keep up the good works. I can’t wait to make a flawless makeup like that. Cheers


    • Thanks Toyin, we really appreciate your support. We look forward to seeing your work sometime. 😀 *you should enter this month’s competition.. cough.. hehe*


  2. One love says

    Hello, is it just me or aren’t Tiwa’s brows looking like the work of an amateur?
    Not what I would have expected from such a ‘fab’ team


    • Thanks for your “constructive” criticism, now while I could have just ignored your comment and not approved it, considering it dosen’t seem like you’ve actually used your real email, we’ve decided to respond anyway, as professionals.

      When working with celebrities (and alot of brides), there are times that as they wear make-up regularly and they’re comfortable with applying their own make-up there are certain things that they would prefer to do themselves. Especially since they are used to seeing their face in a certain way. This is one such case. Tiwa’s hair was done by the amazing Debola Falana, her Lashes were applied by Lola Maja-Okojevoh and she touched her up but Tiwa did all the highlight & contouring and her brows herself. In our opinion, she did a fantastic job. We wouldn’t have let her do the make-up if we weren’t happy knowing the final result wouldn’t be up to the same standard as everyone else. She was the only celebrity that did so. Her brows have been arched and highlighted better than alot of “professional” of artists I’ve worked with and if she had decided to go into Make-up instead of singing she would have had a fantastic career. 🙂

      The only reason we’re even mentioning this fact is because you commented on the one brow that was not done by us. But as I said, if I was grading her brow, i’d give it an 8/10, only because one is slightly larger than the other.

      But we always love to be critiqued. Thanks!


    • Our reigning Champion graces our pages.. thank you thank you.. wish you’d been on set with us, but there are many many more jobs i’d be honoured to have you work on. Mwwwwah!!


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