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That Thin Colourful Line.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are two ladies I love when it comes to colourful bold eyeshadows. I love bold eyeshadows….when done properly it adds life and interest to a simple makeup look and speaks volumes without you actually speaking. But then someone who refuses to be caught with vibrant shadow but still wants that colour and vibrancy will ask….“how do I take part in the fun without going all the way? “

The answer is simple; Colour eyeliners. A colourful eyeliner ranging from blue to violet can give a very neutral look an edge without committing to a full eyelid of colour.

Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Leona Lewis have been rocking this trend and you too can be a part of it.

Achieving this look is very easy, using any coloured eyeliner pencil, apply to the upper and lower lash line or waterline and smudge slightly with a smudge brush for more drama.

The trick to getting the best out of this look is to use colours which best compliments your eye colour.

Purples, violets, blues, greens and plums compliment brown eyes, Taupe and deep green compliment green eyes, deep browns make blue eyes sparkle.

Another tip is to rim the waterline with a black eyeliner and follow with your chosen colour. The black defines the eyes and further intensifies the eyeliner.

Eyeshadows can also be used with an eyeliner brush  to achieve the same effects but you need to use an eyeshadow base such as urban decay primer portion or an eyeliner sealer to hold it in place.

When trying this look, you might want to keep the rest of the makeup neutral as the coloured liner needs to be the centre of attention.

For more drama try a metallic eyeliner for a slightly glossy, glamorous effect

Mac cosmetics, Revlon, sleek Makeup, Makeup for ever, Jordana all have a vast selection of colour eyeliners from kohl to metallic.

Try something different this festive period and rock some glamourous coloured liners to those parties and you will sure be the center of attention.

Have a beautiful week sacred gods and goddesses and remember its only makeup, it washes off so have fun experimenting.

xoxo Juliette

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