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Video: The Importance of Colour

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a deep love of colours. I always loved painting and Art was one of my favourite subjects at school. I can honestly say that for me, the transition between working on canvas to painting beautiful makeup on a face was just the most logical natural step to take.  But understanding the relationships between colours is something that anyone can learn and is one of the most fundamental basics that any makeup artist should know.

Colour Theroy is a must in all aspects of our lives not just makeup. It can be applied to our clothes and home decor as well. May interior design and fashion courses start with education about colour. It’s all around us. Colour is everywhere and once you harness their power, you can transform your world!!

You can pick up wheels from any good beauty retailer or an arts and crafts store. But don’t worry if you’re in Lagos and can’t find any, Colour Wheels will be on sale at the Sacred Artistry Academy from January. Email us if you’d like to reserve yours now

I found this really cool video explaining colour theory. It’s long but totally worth it.


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  1. I always make sure i teach the colour theory as part of my makeup class, so that my students stand out ad make informed colour choices at all times. Nice post!1`


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