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Sacred Artistry Creative Competition – Birds of Paradise (Now Closed)

Hello all my Gorgeous Artistes out there

Welcome to the second instalment of our Monthly Make-up Artistry Competition.

As usual, the rules are very simple. Each month we’ll set a different theme. All you have to do is interpret the theme however you like. It’s a creative competition so have fun with it! You can use adornments and costumes (if you’re brave).. heheh.. and of course.. Lashes!

The makeup can either be done on yourself or on a model. We don’t mind. But they should be photographs you’ve taken yourself. We don’t allow any professionally photoshopped or airbrushed images.

The competition is open to makeup artists based within the US, UK, Europe and Nigeria!!

Photographs were initially submitted either through email to us or posted onto our group wall

The competition was open for 2 weeks with all images being submitted by midnight tonight.  Public voting will be open for 24 hours closing at midnight Saturday 16th July 2011. The winner will be announced on Monday 18th July.


You can either vote using the poll below or through our facebook page above by clicking the “like” button on the photograph.

Please note.. the poll will close after Midnight on Saturday 16th July.


As we are celebrating the launch of Blush Beauty’s “Birds of Paradise” Range, up for grabs this month is a beautiful eyeshadow palette from the new collection and a gorgeous sets of lashes from our very own Sacred Lashes range.  Every month different goodies will be up on offer.  As well as the title of “Sacred Artistry Makup Artist of the Month”

May the best Artist win!


(in alphabetical order)




Cynthia Chris

Cyntos Makeovers



Funmi Folorunso

 Brown Sugar Maquillage



Ify Okafor



Kemi Daramola

Sarah Salons Makeover



Monisola Saka-Adejo

Tmon Makeovers



Omegie Nsofor

Yazi’s Place



Seunfunmi Oyelehin

Ethereal Makeovers




Tari Julia Ockiya

Avante Garde Makeovers




Good Luck to all our Goddesses!!


We’re excited to release the results of this month’s competition. 

It was once again full of drama and suspense. Due to two very important reasons the results were delayed and we’d like to clarify these before the announcement. 

Firstly, there were allegations of vote rigging. We take this matter very seriously. We have conducted our own investigations and have not been able to find any proof to support such claims against any of the entrants. We trace IP addresses logging onto our site to ensure that even if you’re logging on with a different email address you cannot vote several times from the same computer. The online poll is also protected to one vote per computer. Through facebook you can only click the “like” button once. We have assured those who are entering the competition that we are totally unbiased in these results and we wish to offer full transparency which is why these are the two systems that we use. If we offered text voting or any other form of voting people would be very quick to say we have somehow profited from the voting and there is no way of showing the full results to those participating. So just to reassure you all. There is NO vote rigging going on either through ourselves or by those entering the competition. We cannot stop entrants from asking their friends and friends of friends to vote for them. Therefore as some may complain that this is a “popularity” competition based upon how many people an entrant may know, there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this. Which is why we have the competition on both facebook and our site so that people who are not necessarily connected to any of the entrants but who are part of the group and who read our blog can also pass their unbiased votes. At the end of year grand finale, the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges out of the years winners. So please don’t be discouraged as there is a competition every month and only the monthly winners will be automatically entered into the grand finals! 

Secondly.. and very importantly.. our Creative Director Lola Maja-Okojevoh gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and has been unable to confirm the results personally and she wishes to ensure that all results are confirmed by herself to ensure that there are no errors. The final responsibility lies with her. 

So to celebrate the newest team member and to also apologise for the delay in the announcements, we’re pleased to say that every artist who entered this month’s competition will win a prize!! 

Please remember that voting was split between Facebook AND our – The votes cast on the online poll are added to the “likes”. 

We apologise to any supporters who were unable to cast their vote either through the poll or by clicking the “like” button but all we can suggest is that you may have to use a computer rather than a mobile phone. Although most blackberries and smart phones can access facebook even if not our website. 

So without any further delay, the results are as follows!!!

Monisola Adejo 1,659 (poll) + 13 (facebook) = 1,672

Tari Julia Ockiya 623 (poll) + 18 (facebook) = 641

Omegie Nsofor 468 (poll) + 124 (facebook) = 592

Funmi Folorunso – 237 (poll) + 126 (facebook) = 363

Ify Okafor 118 (poll) + 6 (facebook) = 124

Kemi Daramola 58 (poll) + 4 (facebook) = 92

Cynthia Chris 11 (poll) + 1 (facebook) = 12

Seunfunmi Oyelehin 4 (poll) +0 (facebook) = 4

The winners of this month’s competition will receive the following:

1. Monisola Adejo – Blush Beauty Birds of Paradise Pallette & 2 sets of lashes

2. Tari Julia Ockiya – 2 sets of Sacred Lashes

3. Omegie Nsofor – 1 set of Sacred Lashes

Our remaining 5 entrants will also win an exclusive Lash & Brow Grooming kit worth N3k

Our top three winners will have interviews published on our website as well as the chance to have an article they’ve written published in FAB Magazine’s new online weekly Magazine.

Congratulations to each and every single one of our entrants. Thank you so much for taking part in this month’s competition. Please contact Jumoke Alabi on 080 76 76 76 76 to arrange collection of your prizes. 

Stay tuned for details of next month’s theme!!! 



  1. olayinka oladokun says

    Go Kemi, I cast my vote for kemi Daramola……..


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  3. naya says

    I vote Tari julia ockiya.simplistic elegance,now that’s paradise.d clean lines speak 4 themselves


  4. Adedapo says

    I vote for Funmi Folorunsho…….she looks it and she is daring….


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Thanks for your support. But we only allow one vote per person.

      Good Luck everyone 😀


      • Red Red says

        The voting process is FLAWED!!! I sent a text to you, i hope you have read it and seen how people are cheating just to win.


        • Sacred Beauty says

          We’ve received your text. Thank you so much for the information. We’re looking into it. But we only have limited ways of offering voting. We appreciate your active concern and will let u know what we can do about it


  5. Don says

    I am a man, don’t know much about make up, when my wife said I should vote for her friend, as soon as I saw Omegie’s picture, I knew she had talent. Absolutely gorgeous.


  6. Aijay Anyim says

    Tari Julia’s makeup is d most beautiful from my own point of view:) it exhibits so many things, it’s simple in it’s own way nd d colour combination is “perfecta”;;)
    Thumbs up girl:) vote tari julia!!! Leggo!!:D


  7. walter says

    Tari is truly the best in this category. the style is so vivacious


  8. eniola says

    I vote 4 funmi folorunso Great job fumi! Thumbs up….endorsed fumi


  9. Aijay says

    I vote 4 Tari Julia… Ha work is simple nd elegant! D colours:) speak for der selvs.. Simple yet sassy;;) sassy yet innocent.. Nd ha model?? Cute face nd perfect makeup
    Tari julia all d wae!!!leggo!!!


  10. dalvin says

    Omegie all d way!!!!!!! Keep voting, seen ur works and was very inspired…


  11. house of mode says

    This is a very good idea, it puts makeup artist out there. I am a smalltime makeup artist in the states, I have done a few fashion shows. I say the organizers make this a lil tougher, take out the use of props (things like feathers, twigs, and likes), the competition should be based soley on the use of colors and creativity with the art work. A quick way out is the use of props. I will publicize this competetion to get more pple involved


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Thank you for your support!

      You should join in the competition as well..entries are open to makeup artists in the US as well 🙂

      The use of accessories is encourage creativity. It’s all part of the fun. But we’re open to all suggestions and we’ll put it to a poll before our next month’s competition.

      Make sure to come back and share your input.


  12. kayode says

    sacred lashes,i hope u guys noticed that there was multipl votin on dis site frm 12midnyt til about 11am..u guys nid 2look into it..contestants pls pay fair..its only on facebook u can rily just sayn


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Thanks Kayode,

      We’ve gone through the comments and deleted multiple votes.

      As with last month, we only allow a maximum of 4 votes per ip address, as long as the emails are different. This is to provide benefit of the doubt if people are voting genuinely from the same location (i.e. an office or shared computer at home).

      With the polldaddy poll, we are blocking multiple votes not just by cookies but also by ip addresses as well.

      Thanks for your input. Have a great weekend!


  13. Didi Osibo says

    I vote Funmi Folorunso!!!! You’ve done a beautiful job! Kisses!


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