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Illamasqua – Distinction in Makeup Artistry Awards 2011

Hey Guys!

I’m so excited, just a quick post to let you know about one of my favourite brands Illamasqua’s latest initiative.

If you’re a graduate or a student of makeup artistry and you think you have what it takes to enter the competition then don’t miss out on this amazing chance!

*Siigh* one day the Sacred Creative Artistry Competition will rise to this kind of level.. but we won’t get ahead of ourselves just yet, we don’t have £5,000 to give away as a top prize.. but we do have makeup and lashes.. and that what you get … for now.. hehe.. (watch out for our end of year grand finale!!)

Good luck, please do let me know if anyone does decide to apply!




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  1. Omegie Nsofor says

    i love their eyeshadows, BRILLIANT!! Sigh!! will stick with Sacred Artistry for now. it is our own homegrown competition and i love it. LOL.


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Aah thank you Omegie!!

      Give us time and we will do our best to make you guys as proud of us as we are of you. Homegrown talent needs to be taken to the international stage! Hopefully brands like Illamasqua, MAC & Shu Uemura will take note one day and open branches in Nigeria. 😀

      Good luck with this month’s competition.



  2. Funmi Folorunso says

    Ooohhh!u hav no idea how much I luuurrrvvv Alex Box….her work is tew madt!!!lol!…..*oh my days*….she’s one crazy MUA….I’m lurv struck!..Illamasqua and its amazin pigments!!!*faints wit back of palm against forehead*…….


    • Sacred Beauty says

      We LOVE her style too! Went to her exhibition in London. Totally amazing. Illamasqua isn’t for the faint hearted but the colours are beautiful and can be used on even the darkest skintones. Their foundations cover a wide spectrum so even though a lot of ‘normal’ people may run away when they see the promotional images, the makeup itself can be used on everyone! Heheh careful where u fall hun, make sure its cushy lol


      • Funmi Folorunso says

        Hahahaaha!!!its actually raining so I fell into a pond!!tehehe!

        …D weirdest thing is just when I thought I couldn’t get nuf of Illamasqua,I discovered Bitch Slap!Cosmetics!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Oh no!!!!I could jus die!u need to check em out…theyl hav u experiencing n screaming out d BIG”O”..Oh soo raunchy n raw;)..ul understand wen u see em!lol!

        Plssss check em out!owned by Kathy Cervantes.d chic is insane!!!could there be anything more pigmented?!..I swear ul b dazed…



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