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Brighten up…..

Hello sacred gods and goddesses, its been like ages…..well almost. So for those of you who stay in nigeria you should have heard of the famous “lagos flooding”.

I know its supposed to be rainy season but really I can’t remeber the last time I saw the sun…..

I woke up this morning and it was raining (Again!!!*roll eyes*)….so I pulled out my laptop and logged onto youtube where I was so inspired by a look by lilpumpkinpie05… and being that I’m a bright eye colour Junkie, I decided to recreate the look since the sun has refused to shine……:D

  • I started by applying concealer and an eyeshadow base to my eye area.

  • Next, I applied a creamy black pencil on my lid. You can also use a black cream shadow or a black gel liner. Apply this from your lid to the crease.

  • Smudge the colour all over your lid with your fingers.

  • Taking a matt black eyeshadow, apply with a blending brush to the outer corner of your eyelids, dragging the colour slightly into the crease..

  • Next, apply a dark (navy) blue eyeshadow to the center of the lids..

  • With a blending brush, blend the blue eyeshadow into the black shadow, adding more black as needed…

  • Apply a bright lime green eyeshadow to the inner one third of the eyelid…

  • Next apply a bright yellow eyeshadow to the inner corners…

  • I also applied some shadow base under my bottom lashes after which I applied an orange shadow to the inner one third…

  • Taking the blue eyeshadow, apply that to the rest of the lower lash with a flat liner brush…

  • Apply a black kohl liner to the water line and line your upper lash liner with a pencil, liquid or gel liner…

  • Next, blend out the blue and black with a soft warm brown and apply a flesh coloured highlight colour to your brow bone…

  • Now to the fun part…..apply your favourite sacred lashes ( and finish off with mascara for extra drama..

  • Finish off the look with a peachy  coral blush and soft peachy coral lipstick and gloss and unleash the colourful goddess in you…

Have fun recreating this look and don’t be scared of the colours. Always remeber its just makeup and it comes off so get creative and watch yourself blossom.

Check out lilpumpkinpie05 on youtube….she is fab.

Have fun sacred gods and goddesses and have a fab week



Products used:

Urban decay primer potion

Black cream pencil

Sleek matt black eyeshadow (circus palette)

Blackup eyeshadow no 22

Sleek lime green eyeshadow (Acid palette)

Ben nye yellow eyeshadow in sunrise yellow

Sleek orange eyeshadow (Circus palette)

Mac gel liner in blacktrack

Sleek eyeliner in midnight

Covergirl lashblast fusion mascara

Mac ricepaper eyeshadow

Sacred lashes (Would recommend tiffany or nani lashes for this look)

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  1. Nina naijavixen Wachuku says

    One of my FAVORITE looks!!! She did a good job recreating it 🙂


  2. Sacred Beauty says

    Juliette is a makeup genius. Keep an eye out for her, she’ll be giving us jobs soon 😀


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