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Sacred Creative Artistry Results (June 2011)

Soo without any delay, we’re pleased to announce the results of our first ever Sacred Creative Artistry Competition.



1st Place Winner

Omagbemi Rukevwe Blessing with 3,469 votes

2nd Place Winner
Monisola Adejo with 2,494 votes 
3rd Place Winner
Omegie Etamesor Nsofor with 197 votes 



Due to the tremendous response we’ve received we’ve decided to give a prize to each of the top three entrants.

  • Our 1st place winner will receive a selection of MAC Products worth N15k (£60) & Sacred Lashes worth N3k each
  • Our 2nd place winner will receive 2 sets of Sacred Lashes
  • Our 3rd place winner will receive 1 set of Sacred Lashes

They will also all be featured on our website with interviews about themselves & samples of their work.

Just to confirm, the figures above exclude the “comment box” votes received but the votes cast in that section were not enough to swing votes in any direction due to the large gap between top 3.

The results above are verified as individual votes using the polldaddy online voting system. Cookies & IP addresses were blocked to ensure that only one vote per computer could be counted. We have also searched online tracing links back to our site and can confirm that there was an immense amount of campaigning using twitter, facebook & other social networking sites.

We would like to thank each and every single one of you who entered our competition and we look forward to next month’s entries. We will also be giving our own personal critiques on the different looks from an independent view now that the results are in and our opinions can’t sway the votes.

The winners will be contacted directly to arrange collection of their prizes, but all Lashes can either be picked up from Blush Beauty in Victoria Island or The Bnatural Spa in Ikeja GRA.

All the other entrants are offered free membership to our pro artistry programme & special discounts available only to them off products/courses we offer.

Congratulations to every one involved. Thank you for making this month’s competition such a success.

Click here to see all the entries into this month’s competition:


  1. gotoher says

    Great competition. Looking forward to more. Suggest you extend the voting period. Not everyone has internet connectivity over the weekend.

    Looking forward to the independent critique. I don’t think the best look won. Sure the best votes did… But I keep my powder dry until I read your critique.


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Thanks for your response. We were really pleased with the outcome & the passion shown.

      The 48 hours of voting over the weekend was truly intense I don’t think we can cope with the excitement, our team may suffer from Nervous Breakdowns or Heart Failures. It’s always difficult to find a balance as many can’t vote while at work and many can’t vote while at home. Which is why we were accepting votes via the comment box for those who could access the site through their mobile phones.

      We will deliver the critique when we publish the interviews of the top three winners.

      And while we will be tactful and polite, our Creative Director will also be very honest about each entrants techniques and concepts.

      Stay tuned!


  2. bimpe says

    Oh no! the bes lok definitely didnt win. no 2 and 3 were even much more better!


  3. Diamonds says

    Congratulations to the winners. i salute you guys for what you’re doing. But i have an observation that i want to make. Is it true that members of staff of sacred were in the competition? Thats not too good. Staff should not be a part of it as it might question the credibility. Thats my opinion or what do you think?


    • Sacred Beauty says

      Hi Diamonds

      Thanks for your comments. The creative artistry competition was open to anyone who wished to enter. Two of the entrants Omagbemi Blessing and Juliette Okoli are both freelance artists who are associated with the company. All of our team are freelance artists in their own right and don’t work “for” but “with” us. Omagbemi came in 1st and Juliette came in 5th. It may be interesting to note that Juliette is a more senior artist than Omagbemi however as you can clearly see, there has been no favouritism on our behalf towards any of our team members. The votes can be independently confirmed by Poll Daddy. We had no control over the process. The 1st & 2nd place entrants campaigned very intensely for their votes and as stated, we have tracked and traced incoming links from various sites where friends of theirs have asked people to vote for them. We truly salute their determination and creativity. But this was an entirely 100% transparent process. We have never hidden our involvement with either of the entrants as they are moderators on the Sacred Lashes fb page as well as having submitted articles on this very website. The voting was left to the general public to ensure a fair and transparent process. Besides, there is nothing wrong with other artists going up against our own team, as it is our artists reputation on the line if they get their brushes whooped. LOL. We have no regrets about allowing them to enter as we have every confidence in the fact that the polls are handled by a 3rd party application which we cannot tamper with therefore our credibility is not on the line in any way whatsoever. This was our first competition and we had no idea how popular it would be. We are set to announce the next month’s theme very soon and plans for the end of year grand finale. It may be decided that Sacred Reps may not be allowed to enter, but for now, our Creative Director Lola Maja-Okojevoh has deemed that all artists should be given the chance to exhibit their creative abilities in a fair & unbaised platform. Hopefully in future, when people know about the competition widely, passing traffic voters who are not visiting the site solely for the competition and who are not friends or family of those entrants will vote for those they feel are the most creative. I’m not sure if you knew any of those involved in the competition, however, if you did, would you have voted for someone else if you thought their work was better?


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