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Arising from the Shadows – A Makeup Artist Backstage by Omobola aka Miss Glam

I was thrilled when I made it as part of the Black Up Makeup Team for the Arise Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW) 2011.

I knew it would be an avenue to meet with MUAs, models, hairstylists, designers, models and all the other people that make up a ‘glam squad’ and they’d all be from different parts of the world. The fact that I would be using Blackup  was kind of exciting too as they’ve got a very professional range of makeup products.

So, the show kicked off late  on Friday, the 11th of March and everyone was really anxious to see how it would turn out  (well, I was anyway). Designers like Jewel By Lisa(NG), Kiki Kamanu (US), Christie Brown(Ghana), Ituen Basi (NG), showcased their stylish designs and the makeup we did on the models was really toned down, nude makeup with little or no colour on the eyes and the lips….pretty boring, permit me to say from a creatives point of view…. I was really looking out for the bold colours for either the eyes or the lips but we had to work according to the Creative Director’s guide…rules are rules, right?! and it’s about the clothes not about us behind the scenes yearning to get our brushes really messy…. *sigh* I  tagged Friday, ‘Simple and Down-to-earth’…


I was really hoping Saturday would be fun….. Voila!!! It was much more interesting than I imagined…from having to do lovely false lashes on the models with red lips for Lanre DaSilva Ajayi(NG) which matched her girly and chic designs to Orange lips for the Mataano brand(Somalia/US) all in the This Day tent where I was assigned.  Other cool makeup was done at the Arise Magazine tent too…today I met a lot of pretty models including Agbani Darego…she’s one fine woman, I must say!  I tagged Saturday, ‘Glamorous and Chic’






(The gorgeous Agbani backstage)

Arrgh! The final day came too soon, but the makeup became intense…me likey!

Re Bahia (UK) and Grey (NG) had their models looking really good with dark purple glossy lips…I loved it…hehehe..its about time, right?! Lola Fatouroti (US) wanted her models looking very ‘bold and elegant’, and my team delivered, we did turquoise or yellow on the eyes and matte lips, it came out real nice…. Samantha Cole(UK) also got her models looking hot with glossy smokey eyes which matched her dark fabrics and fantastic designs…I finally felt fulfilled…And so the show came to an end with me helping out a designer from South Africa (Black Coffee)  to place some fun stuff on  the models faces…I didn’t take pictures of the models but I got one with her, Liz, that’s her name…I was really exhausted after the day’s job so I couldn’t wait for the awards’ show but I felt really proud and privileged to have been a part of the huge success…..*grins*


(Samantha Cole)


(Lola Fatouroti)

Now.. where’s the next show… hmmm watch this space!

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