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Tips & Ticks – Smoking Like A Pro by Nancy N

It’s been a crazy weekend, the life of a make-up artist!! Being called in for a job with little or no notice, then …those tiny annoyances at 11pm …just hours before a job…”ooohhh ,I want strip lashes now, no more singles!”….and you have to place a smile on your face when you wish you could wring her neck…but you love it and wouldn’t change the craziness for anything….From the lady who changes the colour of her gele (head-gear) 3 times while you patiently smile and re-tie to the woman who wants a foundation shade as light as Michael Jackson though she’s a beautiful Halle Berry ….You smile because you’ll gladly go through it all again for the love of MAKE-UP AND ITS ART.

That said….today we’re looking at the perfect smokey eyes.

Yaaaay! Ooook not everyone’s saying yaay too…But with a few quick tips you’ll be shading the Smokey eye like a pro!
  • Prepare your face by cleansing ,toning and moisturising
  •  Choose a matching shade of foundation for skin
  • Apply finishing powder and blusher or bronzer for a glow
  • Be sure to blend….the key to the ideal smokey eye is proper blending…pairing light base colours with rich dark tones. Favourite mixes are the champagne base with a dark blue; a violet shade makes a beautiful smokey eye.

Keep eye area oil free to prevent eye shadow from  creasing (Melting into your eyelid crease as time passes) .
  • Apply a coloured (black, dark blue, deep purple) eyeliner on the upper lash line making the line thicker from  the to the end of the eyelid.
  • Apply the liner  lightly tod the bottom lash line, with a little dark shadow to give a ‘smudge effect’
  • Now sweep a light shimmery shadow from the eyelids to your brow bone
  • Then apply the darker shadow to the crease.
  • To get the smokey effect, blend the darker shadow upwards  fading out as you go past the crease…be sure to blend the coloured liner  at  the lashline.
  • Ensure that both eyes are well blended.
  • Next apply two coats of volumnising mascara to really amp up the eyelashes. Use false lashes for extra drama……we always like drama right?
  • Make sure your brows are groomed to full fabulosity.
  • Now check your eyes for final touches, cleaning off fallouts on your cheeks and retouching your finishing powder.

QUICK TIP:  Remember to keep lips soft…when wearing strong eyemake-up, for this look,the eyes are the focal point so allow them steal the show.

These are pretty easy steps ….don’t be shy to try…practice  makes perfect so pull out those brushes and practice.

From  the confident everyday woman to the professional make-up artist, we can never stop learning a new make-up trick or two! *wink*

We do this for the love of Make-up and Its Art!


Nancy Ndukwe

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