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Makeup Tutorial: Smoking For Days.. All Day Every Day

by Juliette Okoli

The rain had just stopped and I was getting ready to go catch up with an old friend when I found a picture of kim kardashian ( yes I’m obseesed with her) with the most amazing bronze smokey eyes. Now as much as I love playing with colour (being a makeup artist) I’m not exactly bold with colours on my own face, I know, I know,but hey I am a sucker for bold lips, I wear them all day everyday. (Amen for bold lips)

Seeing her picture got me thinking, I’ll wear a subtle bronze smokey eyes today and just cause I love you all.. I’ll show you step by step in pictures how I achieved this look.

The bronze smokey eye is a great alternative to the typicalblack smokey eyes. You can also achieve this look with grey, purple,blue or green. Oranges, reds and pinks are amazing smokey colours for more adventurous and daring goddesses.

The bronze smokey eye is a subtle statement look that can be worn both day and night. I particularly fell inlove with this look because its dramatic in a non-dramatic way.

For this look I’m going to be using the sleek storm palette which can be purchased at any sleek makeup store nationwide.

  • First I’m starting with a clean eye area to which I have applied concealer (concealer helps even out the eye area) after which I applied an eyeshadow base. (This helps your eyeshadow last longer)
  • Next  I took the first colour from the left on the second row in the storm palette. I apply this all over the lid and to the lower lash line . I also applied the last colour on the top row to the outer cornerof both upper and lower lash line.
  • Next I applied the dark brown colour, (the second to last colour on the bottom row) to my crease and a little above it. I also took this colour to the lower lash line smudging it out a bit.

  • Then taking a blending brush, I blended out the edges of the shadow to buff out the harsh lines and give it a softer look. This process also helps the colours transition softly into one another.

  • After I buffed and blended out the colours, I took the first colour from the top row,(a shimmery champange colour) and applied this to the brow bone to highlight and bright light to this area.

  • Next I applied this same colour to the inner corners of the eyes again to bring light and add a twinkle that wakes up the eyes.

  • After this, I applied the sleek twist up pencil in midnight (a creamy black pencil) to the top and bottom lash line and in the waterline to further add definition with the eyes.

  • I applied false lashes ( you can select lashes from the fabulous sacred lashes line for this look) and mascara.

  • To finish this look I applied bronze and highlighter (we will discuss that in the next post) and finished with my usual dramatic lip colour (bats lashes) but there is also the the more natural lip option.

My sacred gods and goddesses, take out that brush set, find that palette or look for similar colours, beat that face and be fierce. xoxo


  1. SugarBabe says

    I love your eyes. They’re so beautiful. Thanks for the tips. Hope I can get mine to look this good!


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