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The Ultimate Pout – Tips and Tricks for Irresistable Lips

The season of love is here. You can smell it all around you. The hair is done, the body exfoliated and pampered to perfection and you think, “What look I’m I going to go for this year?” Are you going to be the Romantic Date or the Seductive Heartbreaker this year?

Even if you don’t have that special someone, you should still look fabulous on V-Day! Ideally, you want to look confident and alluring without looking too overdone. Valentine’s Day makeup should be sensuous, soft, sexy, and most of all,  look effortless.

There’s always been a debate about the true colour for Valentine’s Day, whether its a soft girlie Pink or a Sensual Red; Well to us.. Red symbolizes love and passion so take this day to ignite some passion and fiery love by wearing the red lip. Yes the red lip!

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romance; it can be fun and flirty as well! This look is for the girls who don’t mind breaking a couple of hearts along the way. With a bit of sass and attitude, you can have boys falling after your footsteps.

First, you’ll need to choose the right red. As overwhelming as that may sound, it’s actually quite easy when you know your undertones. It’s important to point out here that undertones and the colour of your skin are two different things. We’ll go into it a bit more next week but for now we’ll just help you get the general idea of it all! Many may argue that Rhianna or Nikki Minaj are Golden or Olive undertoned, but if you place a photograph side by side to Keri Hilson (as below) you will see the difference in “tone” not just their skin shades.


If your undertones are warm (there’s a yellow or golden undertone to your skin, your veins are green, you look best in golden colours, etc.), then a red with a yellow or golden base works best. Reds to try:

  • MAC: Brave Red, Lady Danger,Clinique High Impact Lip Colour in Red-y to wear
  • BMPRO: Sassy, Red Alert or No11
  • Black-Up:  No 25
  • Lisebeauty:  Ginger, Newyork minute, or Lipgloss in Rare
  • Celebrity Tones: Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis have warm undertones.



    If your undertones are cool (there’s a red or blue undertone to your skin, your veins are blue, you look best in silver, etc.) then a red with a blue base works best. Reds to try:

  • MAC: Russian Red or Ruby Woo
  • BMPRO: No 499 or velvet sweetheart
  • Revlon: Really Red
  • Lisebeauty: Raspberry freeze
  • House of Tara: Funke
  • Celebrity Tones: Rhianna, Nikki, Kelly Rowland, Iman, Genevive, Ini and Alek Wek all have cool undertones:

    If you’re olive toned (neither yellow nor blue undertones) try a red with neutral undertones. Some reds to try:

    MAC: Fresh Moroccan and Spice It Up!

    Celebrity Tones: Halle Berry, Sade and Eku have neutral undertones.

    Before attempting this look, ensure that you have the proper base on, apply a good moisturiser and a foundation primer to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day.

    Follow with you favorite foundation and set with powder. Ensure your brows are properly groomed and filled in with either a brow powder or pencil.

    For this look little or no eyeshadow is required because the main focus is beautiful sensual lips so dust a bit of nude eyeshadow on your lids and apply a shimmering champagne colour to the inner corners, the centre of the lids and the brow bone to add light and interest to the eyes.

    Below: Mac eyeshadow in Rice paper and Revlon colourstay single eyeshadow in champagne.

    Line the water line with a waterproof pencil and the top of the lids close to the lash line with a gel or liquid eyeliner.

    Follow with two coats of mascara and Sacred lashes if you want more flirt to your flutter. (

    Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or an old toothbrush. Be sure to keep your lips hydrated with shea butter. This natural ingredient keeps your lips smoother for longer. Use a lip liner that matches your lipstick to fill in the entire lip, this helps to avoid the obvious line around the lips when your lipstick or gloss comes off, and follow with your red lipstick. Also use the liner on top of the lipstick, Lining after your lip colour allows for easier application and blendability. For fuller lips, add shimmer to the centre of your bottom lip.

    However, for those a bit faint of heart, if you’re still too overwhelmed by the red lipstick you can try using a red lip stain or gloss instead.  (Why not try Mac Lipglass in Russian Red and Blackup lipshine in no 14)

    To finish off the look, apply a highlighting powder to the top of your cheekbones and follow with a hint of sheer blush.

    Spray the flirtiest perfume you can find on your pulse points and alk through the spritz to envelop yourself in the fragrance.

    Then, pick a purse to match your clothes and equip it with makeup you might have to repair.

    Hmm so what’s left.. oh yeah.. put on the smile – flirty or friendly- whatever the occasion calls for and have yourself a beautiful valentine’s day!

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