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Lips Lashes and Brows – Transforming Your Look in minutes

Looking good can be simple and less complicated than it may seem. Not everyone in my opinion have the eyes to confidently pull off eye-shadows however it’s not necessarily the main factor to achieving the perfect look.

Concentrating on your lips and lashes and brows could give you the instand ‘wow’ look you’ve me trying to pull off.

Follow a few simple pointers for quick fixes and a whole new you!


Perfectly groomed brows encompass the beauty of the face and make an immediately visible impact when looked at as they form a frame for the eyes as well as the face.

Six Tips for the perfect arched eyebrow!

  • Buy necessary tools for eyebrows i.e. tweezers, eyebrow pencil (black/dark brown never any other color) brow brush, brow gel/mascara and cuticle scissors. (Sacred offer complete grooming kits. Contact us for more info)
  • Using your eyebrow brush, brush eyebrows in an upward fashion to give a clear view of excess to be tweezed or trimmed.
  • Tweeze excess hair around brow region from the top and bottom and carefully trim long hairs with cuticle scissors if necessary. Do not over zealously tweeze the brow till there’s nothing left. You’ll spend a very long time trying to grow it back. Pencil thin brows are so outdated, the new healthy trend is to have full natural looking perfectly groomed brows.  Threading can be done as well but it’s very difficult to do it yourself, it’s really best left to the experts.. ie.. us!  You can contact us directly on 080 76 76 76 76 for more info and to make a booking.
  • Fill in eyebrows with eyebrow pencil choosing 3 points.
  1. Following your natural brow line, start from area above the tear duct (inner corner of your eye).
  2. Then peak at the iris (centre of your eye), using your Finger, lift eyebrows gently to draw arch as desired
  3. Lastly end at the outer corner of  your eye, lining it up diagonally with the corner of your nose.

  • Use tweezers again to pluck out unruly hairs always in the direction of hair growth.
  • To enhance the brows you can use brow gels/mascaras to keep hairs in place. Use a concealer above and below brows, a slightly lighter shade than your natural skin tone and use a soft shade of eye shadow along the  brow bone to highlight brows.

Please note that no two brows are ever the same, even on the same face. So don’t stress too much about getting them identical as that will never happen.  There are also many different shapes of eyebrows to suit different faces. Work with what you have and we’ll go into different shapes at a later date.

Eye Lashes

Who doesn’t want longer and fuller lashes?  We all do! The lashes tend to give a flirty, sexual, and complete look!

How to make your lashes look like false lashes!


Get your tools in place –eye lash curler, mascara (waterproof, lengthening or volumising)

  • Curl lashes with eye lash curler. Lashes should be straight in curler and clamped down 5x for best results.
  • Apply volumising mascara from the base of the lashes (in a horizontal fashion) then vertically to the tip 4x . Before application remove excess mascara on brush to avoid clumps on lashes.
  • When applying waterproof lengthening mascara to give a longer lasting false lash look. Apply 2-3 coats on lashes.
  • Using the tip of your waterproof lash brush, barely touch your bottom lashes.
  • Using eye liner, line the base of your lashes to give a fuller look as well as your water line.
  • Use finger to dab lashes to remove excess if any and you have your natural false lashes.
  • There are a fabulous range of mascaras available on the market which promise to give the false lash effect by including fibres which build on your natural lashes and lengthen them considerably.
  • Or you could of course just use a pair of false lashes! Not that we’re biased or anything, but Sacred have a great range of strip lashes that don’t damage your natural lash and can be taken off at night and re-used up to 15 times  or you could go for the ultra natural xtreme lashes. These are single lashes that are individually applied one by one onto each of your lashes. They last the natural life span of your real lashes which are approximately 6-8  weeks, but best of all, they look like the real thing. No clumps, no hideous glue showing and it dosen’t look like someone’s just plastered a dead spider onto your face!

Recommended Products:  Bourjois Coup de Theatre,  Rimmel Glam Eyes, Helena Reubinstein Lash Queen (amazing products!) and one of the most highly awarded mascaras Lancome Defincils.




Your lips are the 2nd most important feature after your eyes and they age as you do so if there is one thing you don’t won’t, it is for your lips to tell your age!..Here a few tried-and -true steps to getting fuller looking lips as well as making your lips look smaller:


How to get natural fuller looking lips

  • Apply a thin layer of concealer to top and bottom lip in order to fill in any creases as well as give a fuller look.


  • To lock in and set concealer, apply powder.


  • Use your lip pencil (same as natural lip tone) to outline lips slightly outside of the natural lip line.


  • Keep the lips glossy. Use 2 lip glosses, a neutral shade and a slightly darker shade. One should be a plumping lip gloss. Plumping lip glosses stimulate the blood vessels in the lips so blood rushes to the site and they plump up.


  • Enjoy your new smile /pout

How to make your lips look smaller



  • If you have big lips and would like to make them look smaller, use matte shades of lipstick instead of glossy ones.


  • Nude shades could conceal the actual thickness of your lips making them look nice and small.


  • Keep the main portion of colour towards the center of the lips. You can line the lines without taking it all the way towards the edge. Use your foundation to blend in the outer line.


Now all that’s left is for you to enjoy your new Look!

By Nonnie Onwudiwe

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    • Glad to be of help! 😀

      We’re always here with a flutter of lashes and a slick of gloss for any advice you ever need.



  1. wat if sumone does not ave a fully grown eyebrow cn u plz tel us hw 2 grow full eyebrow


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